Man City handed Erling Haaland injury boost

Erling Haaland injury news

You could see against Dortmund that Haaland wasn’t his usual self. He was clearly in pain. His movement was not at it’s sharpest. You wondered if fatigue caught up with him. It was only after the match that all of us knew the foot injury he was nursing. To be fair, Haaland needed that rest. The timing of his injury has also been perfect like many things he does. We have not had any games against the top 6 during the period he was out. So, it was a well deserved breather for Haaland

I honestly did not imagine that he would be back for the Fulham clash on the weekend. But, news is that he is back in training and is in contention to start against Fulham. Knowing Pep Guardiola, Haaland might come off the bench for the Fulham game. I feel that Pep will want to ease him into the team and get him back to complete sharpness. The next game is against Chelsea and it will be a huge clash in the EFL up.

Expect Haaland to come off the bench against Fulham and start against Chelsea

Mohan Krishna Ghanta

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