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Arnau Martinez 0

Man City interested in Girona Right back Arnau Martinez

I was checking all of the latest transfer news related to Man City today. To be honest, I was not expecting to find much. You anyway don’t get much on a Sunday evening. But, it was surprising to find us linked with Arnau Martinez ( What caught my eye even more was the fact that Barca are trying very hard to sign him. As I went through the profile of...

Erling Haaland injury news 0

Man City handed Erling Haaland injury boost

You could see against Dortmund that Haaland wasn’t his usual self. He was clearly in pain. His movement was not at it’s sharpest. You wondered if fatigue caught up with him. It was only after the match that all of us knew the foot injury he was nursing. To be fair, Haaland needed that rest. The timing of his injury has also been perfect like many things he does. We...

Back up to Kyle Walker 0

Assessing Man City’s right back options!

I will have to say right from the off that Pep took a gamble regarding the right back position in the summer transfer window. I can understand that right back was not our exact priority. There were other positions like the left back and the forward which needed to be addressed on a priority basis. But, even back in the summer it felt as if we were just a Kyle...