Brentford is a must win match for City!

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Thank god that the Premier League is back after what seemed like a winter break stretching into eternity. In this time off, i was reflecting on the possibilities for City going forward. Intrestingly, the title race was the one that was bothering me more than it should. We had an immaculate festive period and have stomped over all our rivals. Yet, the 9 point lead at the top, with Liverpool having a game in hand dosen’t look all that impossible to surmount.

I was having memories of the 2018-19 season when we were in the same position. We had even lost to Newcastle at the end of January that season. Yet, we won every game from there on and won the league. So, the notion this title race is done and dusted is nothing more than a false dawn. For me, the real race will begin now. It will be a test of our mental fortitude and the ability to carve out results when the games are tight.

Our previous meeting against Brentford was only decided by a peice of special quality form the duo of Foden and De Bruyne. This match will be as tight as that one. Also, if we lose this one, then Liverpool are effectively just 3 points behind us and then they have to play us as well. So, a negative result will put us in a pressure cooker.

You might say that we have been in situations like this in the past and its just a peice of cake for us, but pressure has even reduced the greatest of teams to nothing. Under pressure, you crumble out of no where and all the months of hard work can come down to ashes. So, the race is just getting started and nothing short of a win against Brentford will suffice.

When you have your foot on the opponents throat, you need to finish him off. We need to go on an other winning run and take the life out of this title race.

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