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Man City vs Liverpool title race 0

How does this title race compare to the one in 2018-19?

The title race in 2018-19 was the ultimate pressure cooker test i have witnessed. The most surprising fact was that neither of City or Liverpool wilted under the immense pressure and the footballing world was stunned with the fact that both the teams maintained a perfect record in such difficult circumstances. This title race takes me back to the memories of that season and still gives me goosebumps remembering the...

Man City and the title race 0

Brentford is a must win match for City!

Thank god that the Premier League is back after what seemed like a winter break stretching into eternity. In this time off, i was reflecting on the possibilities for City going forward. Intrestingly, the title race was the one that was bothering me more than it should. We had an immaculate festive period and have stomped over all our rivals. Yet, the 9 point lead at the top, with Liverpool...

Premier l;eague title race 0

One small mistake and all our rivals have their tails wagging again

It was nearly after 2 months of flawless football that City have dropped points. It was not a disastrous result by any stretch of imagination. It was a tough away game against a team who were tactically spot on. We didn’t even lose that game. It was a draw courtesy of the post and the usual Raheem Sterling madness. Expecting City to make this kind of mistakes week in and...