One small mistake and all our rivals have their tails wagging again

Pep Guardiola

It was nearly after 2 months of flawless football that City have dropped points. It was not a disastrous result by any stretch of imagination. It was a tough away game against a team who were tactically spot on. We didn’t even lose that game. It was a draw courtesy of the post and the usual Raheem Sterling madness. Expecting City to make this kind of mistakes week in and week out is nothing short of absolute madness. Still our rivals have somehow found a way of thinking that the title race is back on and teams have crumbled from big leads in the past.

I do accept that teams have given up even 10 point leads to crumble in their title challenge, but we are talking about a different level of monster in City here. This is a relentless machine which the Premier League has never seen before. In the space of a month, City have turned the title race from a 3 horse challenge to a run away event with absolute authority. Yet, after one good weekend for Chelsea and Liverpool, everyone seems to somehow back city to crumble.

Stranger things have happened in Football, but for City to crumble in this title race, Liverpool have to be near perfect and City have to effectively lose 3 more games than Liverpool. One big thing in City’s favour is that we have been in Liverpool’s place in the 2018-19 campaign. We were 7 points behind Liverpool , even after beating them at the end of January in 2019 and yet by the end of February we were a point ahead of Liverpool. So, we will exactly know the mentality of the chasing team.

This City team cannot be compared to any of the other teams in the past that have crumbled in title races . We are a winning machine that knows how to go on a big run and all our opponents should be wary of an other winning streak, which will effectively land a knockout blow on thir faces

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