Would you want Pogba at City?

Pogba to City

The news of City’s interest in Pogba was one of the most surprising notifications on my mobile screen this morning. My initial reaction was to think that it was all rubbish and i set about verifying the sources. To my surprise there were a lot of tier-1 Journalists reporting this. An other interesting thing about this rumor is that it was coming from multiple sources at once. Now, for all we know this could just be City’s hierarchy trying to distract the media from pumping out article after article about City’s Champion’s League exit.

I strongly feel that these rumors could be more serious than what most people might even imagine. Remember the time in 2017 when Pep wanted Jorginho desperately and we had him snatched away in the last minute by Chelsea. Pep always seemed to love the idea of having someone with the ability to make those outrageous passes from deep. This could actually add an other dimension to our game. Excepting De Bruyne and Foden, none of the players at City have that range to consistently pick out runners with passes from deep.

Also, the switch of play is an other interesting aspect for me. There are numerous times when we isolate our wingers against the opposition full back, but we never seem to switch the ball often with that long diagonal across the pitch. I feel that Pogba has that outrageous ability to complete those sensational switches of play with alarming regularity. There are very few players with that kind of long range passing ability in the world.

Now, the primary issue and concern for all of the fans will be his attitude on and off the pitch. I don’t have much concerns with this. Just look at his behavior at Juventus when he was surrounded by absolutely world class players. Now, judging him based on his time at United is absolutely cruel. He played in a team with absolutely no structure and purpose. Also, people would point out that Pep doesn’t like big characters in the dressing room. But, Pep himself has evolved as a manager and i think right now he realizes that Pogba could just add an other dimension to the team and we could attack in a whole different way with the presence of Pogba.

Also, with the characteristics of someone like Pogba, even teams like Liverpool would be afraid to press us high and that constant switch of play to the wingers would be a huge pain for the teams to defend against. His defensive work rate might be in question, but with the guidance of Pep, you would only be a brave man to bet against Pogba becoming more fitter and showing us his work rate and engine.

I know that most of the City fans are against Pogba coming in the summer. But, this could just be a signing that provides us with that extra dimension of attack. You need to evolve and become better with every passing season and i think that Pogba could add that extra dynamism and spice to our midfield.

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