We cannot allow this loss to define our season!

Real Madrid vs Man City

How did you all gather the energy to get up this morning and go to work? For me, it almost seemed impossible to get up today. I woke up from my sleep and i was sitting on my bed for a while, pondering what might have been in an alternate universe. How i wish the events in the injury time were nothing more than a bad dream. All of it still hurts and stings very bad. Well, the good thing is that we have a Premier League title to fight for and the fight is just going to get even more tougher.

The battle in the Premier League will be an internal battle with ourselves more than the opponent. Holding onto 1-0 leads till the last minutes will be a huge burden on our defenders. I am sure that the Madrid demons will be back every time we go into injury time with that slender lead. This defeat is unlike anything we have ever faced, but we can’t afford to blink in the title race. One mistake and our season could very well be over and we will be left with nothing but the option to lick our wounds.

I still don’t know how they will do it, but the players need to pick themselves up. I mean how do you motivate a group of players who have given a perfect away performance for the entirety of the game and yet end up on the losing side. This game would have surely taken a huge drain on our mentality and it seems like an impossible situation right now for Pep to convince these players to go again with the same vigor and spirit.

As a club we have been through a huge roller coaster of emotions, right from the Euphoria of the 93:20 moment to disappointing exits in the Champions League and also being relegated to tiers of football that most of the clubs in the Premier league might not have even been to, but we have weathered all of the situations with great character.

The best teams know how to accept devastating loses and they go again with renewed passion and purpose. I can understand that at this moment all of our hopes have taken a huge beating. But, this might just be the beginning of us becoming even more resilient and composed as a team. You never know, it is nights like these that forge legendary teams. I am very confident that down the line we all will be thankful that this night happened and helped us turn into an unstoppable juggernaut.

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