How do you expect the game at Bernabeu to play out?

Game at Bernabeu

Champions League nights are very hard to predict like we saw against Atletico in the previous round. There is always that sense of surprise round the corner and the unexpected is generally the norm at this stage of the competition. For me, Real Madrid are the experts in terms of dealing with unexpected situations and coming back from absolute darkness. You just have to look at their comebacks in the previous two rounds to understand their die hard spirit and the mentality of absolute ruthlessness.

This Real Madrid team might not be at the peak of their powers like they once were. But, their attitude and approach to the game has always remained at the peak. This is one of the reasons why i wanted us to kill them off at the Etihad. But, the best teams do not dwell on the chances missed in the past. So, we really need to believe that we can score plenty of goals at the Bernabeu too. Mentality is going to be absolutely above things like tactics in the game.

How we suffer in the bad moments and face the music when we are under the pump will determine the outcome of this game. There are many interesting battles within the game, but i am convinced this game will be City’s midfield against the duo of Benzema and Vinicius. I expect an open game like the one at the Etihad and we should be ready to finish off our chances more ruthlessly.

The form of Gabriel Jesus could just be a pivotal factor in this tie. I did not see this coming, but Gabby has suddenly turned into prime Haaland for us and has almost finished off every chance he has got in the last few games. This could just be a boost we needed in terms of having a ruthless goal scorer for the final parts of this campaign.

I do not for one bit expect this to be a cagey affair and there could be some entertaining end to end football with great drama at the end. This entire tie could become a Champions League classic that will always be talked about in the years to come

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