Why are Pep and City so desperate for Kane?

Pep Guardiola

As Raheem sterling missed yet an other open goal….as City crashed out of yet an other champions league quarter final….Pep was holding his head in his hands in utter dissapointment. Never has he felt so powerless…but this feeling was haunting him far too often in knockout competitions. His forwards have let him down beyond his wildest imaginations throughout his tenure at City. Even the mighty Augero was not clinical sometimes, the penalty miss in the quarter final against spurs being a prime example.

It is evidently clear that Pep does not want to leave the Etihad without securing the Champions league crown. In whatever way he and club might evade it, the reality is that both Pep and the club feel that not winning a champions league would mean that Pep guardiola has not been entirely successful in what he has come to do. So, they are on the lookout for that final peice of the puzzle.

Pep sees Kane as one of those rare forwards who can play that false 9 position as well as a traditional striker’s position with great efficiency. Also, i have personally felt that our forwards are doing an injustice to the amount of chances our midfielders create every match. Honestly, we should be blowing team’s apart irrespective of the competition and the opponent in front of us.

Pep is in the mood to go for a quadraple this season and the signing of Grealish and the desperation for signing Kane are indications that Pep is confident of outscoring the opposition and blowing them away. I feel that, this is why we have not addresed the left back issue as well and we are placing all our energy in signing attackers

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