Is Dusan Vlahovic a better alternative to Harry Kane?

Dusan Vlahovich

If only sterling could finish a packet of crisps! Sterling and jesus have most of the attributes that are important to be a perfect Pep player. But finishing is not one of them and clearly it is the most important attribute to win big matches. City clearly had this in Mind and it is the big reason why we are going after Harry Kane irrespective of the price.

It was a total surprise for me when i looked at reports linking Dusan Vlahovic to City. This was totally unexpected and came out of no where. But on a closer look at his style of play and some of his statistics, i was convinced that this is the kind of finisher we should be after.


Scoring more goals than the predicted XG in a notoriously difficult league like the Serie A suggests that this player is one of the most ruthless finishers going around. It looks as if not finishing a half chance is a sin for him. Also, he is caught offside far less and seems to have great positional awarness. This is the most important quality required to play in a Pep system.


Also, Dusan is very strong in the air as well and he is an indirect set peice threat. This means that all those juicy crosses from KDB and Mahrez will finally have a 6’3″ high target to aim at. His only glaring weakness is that he is not the best passer of the ball. But i feel that we have enough players with great creative talent to let this ruthless finisher do what he is best at. What have we achieved with sterling and jesus who are very good passers but pathetic finishers.

Also, being just 21 years old and costing 80m, he could be the long term replacement for Aguero and could add an other dimension to our attack

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