Man City become the fourth most valuable football club after record financial results

Pep Guardiola

Walking down the memory lane to 2008, when even the very existence of City looked bleak and surrounded in financial darkness, the current state of City almost looks like a dream too good to be true. After the take over, elite clubs like Man Utd and Arsenal thought that City’s story would be similar to what happened to Chelsea after their take over. They thought we would initially spend big, buy the best players out there, win some trophies and then go a bit quiet after a bit of dominance.

All these clubs including Chelsea are stunned by what City have done in the past decade. We have built a dynasty that is terrifying the wits out of all these elites. We have built up a system of complete dominance and the bad news for every body else is we are just starting to engage into action. The investment of a Billion pounds in the youth academy coupled with Pep bringing the much needed identity and installing the total football DNA throughout the club has certainly transformed City into a trophy power house.

We all have seen quite often in the past that a club might be great on the pitch with a great manager, but all that can come crumbling down without a great owner and a fantastic Management team. Credit to Sheikh Mansour for his vision of transforming City into a sustainable giant. If Mansour wanted, he could have spent all the money at once and instantly bought success. But he allowed the club to grow at a pace that would benefit the club long term, but would not have left the club behind in the short term.

Also, buying stakes in clubs around the world has helped City penetrate deep into untapped territories. This was a master stroke of an idea by Ferran Soriano. This helps the club grow its brand faster and also provides fantastic scouting opportunities.

This is an empire built to last for a long time and challenge the status quo of the way Football clubs are managed on and off the field. There is no doubt that City have redefined how Football clubs should be run

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  1. Tizzy Bwoy says:

    Will we really buy a strike this summer or not & I would like to appreciate the good work done by City

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