A few dropped points and it seems that we are crap!

Man City players reaction to defeat

In this world of instant gratification, everything seems to be decided by the present moment. It was only a couple of weeks ago (before that Spurs defeat), everyone was talking about how City have ruined the title race and how the relegation battle was much more interesting. We as City fans always knew that liverpool with those games in hand, were always a threat to our ambitions. Yet, it seemed as if the media and pundits were hyping it up to put pressure on us and they were waiting to push us off the cliff on our first error.

In the match against Crystal Palace, the commentator, mentioned Liverpool atleast a dozen times in the first half itself. We are being made to feel as if the entire world wants us to surrender the crown to Liverpool. There is a wave of sympathy being created around Liverpool and we as City fans should be careful not to buy into all that useless crap put out in the social media. Instead, we need to look at what the media and Liverpool fans are hiding from us.

When you look at the form of both teams, Liverpool have been nowhere near their peak in their recent games against West Ham and Arsenal. All this talk about Liverpool gaining momentum in this title race is just an other example of how narrow minded all these media houses and pundits can be, specially when they want to absolutely hype up a team. What i can confidently say is that Liverpool have their fortune back. They were so lucky in their last 3 games that you begin to wonder what is their lucky charm.

Against Brighton, the match was very much equal until the Brighton Goal keeper comes out and misses a cross, only for Dias to knock it into the empty net. Against West Ham, Mane scores a very lucky goal from a rebound off a West Ham player. Against Arsenal, that first half was absolutely crap from Liverpool. If we look a bit more deeper into the past, Liverpool had lost agianst Inter as well. So, Liverpool might have got all the points, but they are surely not having the kind of momentum that is being depicted everywhere.

In contrast to all this, City have dropped points against Southampton only due to an open goal missed by our Lord Sterling. Against Spurs, we should have atleast had a point, and we were not bad by any stretch in that game. But the game that hurt me the most, in terms of criticism thrown at us was the Crystal Palace game. The performance and the movement in that game was outstanding. I thought it was surely in the top 3 performances of our season. We carved open Crystal Palace like a Christmas Turkey. I know that the finishing let us down, but you have those games in every season, where the ball just refuses to go into the net.

Looking at all this, the form is in our favour and not on the side of Liverpool as it is being pointed out. I know that the pundits and the Liverpool fans think that they can put pressure on us by hyping up Liverpool, but they also have to remember that pressure takes us onto an other level and i dont think that Liverpool would want to see the next level of Man City.

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