Karma strikes Spurs with last minute winner ruled out

Karma bites Spurs back

You might be wondering why I am writing about Spurs in a City blog. Well, if you look at what VAR did to Spurs last night, doesn’t it remind you of something? 2018-19 Champions League quarterfinals will always be etched in our memories. I still remember that when the Raheem Sterling goal went in, I just ran out of my room and celebrated hard. After a few minutes, when i came back in front of my laptop, I was stunned with VAR ruling out the goal. I had never gone from a moment of extreme joy to extreme sadness so quickly. It took me 3 days to get over that disappointment. I am sure that each one of us would have a story like that on that bizarre night against Spurs.

When Spurs were denied the goal yesterday, I was just not able to hold my laugh back. I wanted to shout at the top of my voice that Karma is inescapable. The funny thing was the way Conte sulked in the press conference. He was speaking about the way VAR was unfair to him throughout this season. He was also telling that VAR could not have made those decisions if a big team was involved.

Someone should have showed Fernando Llorente’s handball header to Conte. Var checked it about 10 times and then referred it to the referee. Still the referee gave it as a goal back then. That was one of the most horrendous decisions I have seen. It’s so funny how karma has this habit of biting you back in the exact same way even after so many years.

Honestly, when VAR was checking that goal yesterday, I was slowly slipping down the memory lane into that 2018-19 season goal check. I somehow wanted VAR to rule it out and bite back Spurs. Karma is so good at memory that it did bite them back and it was one of my most satisfactory moments

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