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Man City transfer window 0

Analyzing our transfer window

Transfer windows are never really a benchmark to judge Pep Guardiola. In fact, when the window doesn’t go well, it motivates Pep to innovate and take the game to an other level. Last season we went for Harry Kane and put in bid after bid till the very end. When we didn’t get him, all our rivals went hammer and tongs stating that City without a striker would struggle. Well,...

Manuel Akanji Signing 0

Pep’s thinking behind Manuel Akanji signing

It’s an almost impossible task to understand Pep’s thinking. Whenever it seems that we have finally got a grip on what goes inside his mind, he continues to prove us wrong. The squad selection for the Champion’s league final was a big example of how crazy his decisions can go. May be it’s this craziness that separates Pep from all the others in the world. My intention here is not...

Akanji Strengths 0

Strengths and Weaknesses of Manuel Akanji

The adage goes that you need to have a certain profile to play as a Center Back in a Pep Guardiola team. You just need to look at the kind of Center Backs Pep has worked with over the course of his managerial career to understand the character and courage it takes to defend wide open spaces at the back. Despite having fit backup center backs on the bench, Pep...