Man Utd showing City what not to do when appointing Guardiola’s Succesor!

Pep Guardiola

Shambles might be a very under-rated word to describe the managerial circus going on at Manchester United right now. They are said to have Pochettino, Ten Haag, Luis Enrique and Thomas Tuchel on their shortlist. But what surprises me the most is, the contrasting styles of each of those managers on the shortlist. This tells you that United have lost their identity as a club. They do not even know what kind of style they want their managers to implement. Infact, Ragnick himself plays a different style to all of these managers mentioned above. It is quite a shame that United have not been able to figure out the right succesor to Alex Ferguson for a decade.

My objective here is not to criticize United, in fact as a City fan i have the least interest in them. I would never waste so much space on my blog for United. My concern is all about City and i feel that we can learn a lot from the mistakes of United to ensure a smooth transition from Pep when the time comes. Pep hit the nail on the head when he said that ” If we lose this is the way, this is the difference, this club has to carry on moving, We can finish the season winning titles or nothing but we carry on doing it this way. Every game we are there and that’s this club, not the other ones.”

I feel the most important thing for City to understand when appointing Pep’s succesor is that he needs to carry forward the identity which has been instilled by Pep. One thing we need to realize is that Managers will come and go, but the style of play and the ethos of how we approach games should be the one constant in the middle of change. Like Pep said, winning and losing are part of the game, but the most important thing for a club to build a monumental dynasty is their ability to remain the same in both good and bad times.

Mancini, Pelligrini and Pep…….the smooth process by which each of these managers have succeeded the other has been directly responsible for City establishing itself as one of the best in europe. These 3 people have laid on strong foundations for the club. The next manager has to be someone with the qualities of carrying the club into what might be an era of enormous success.

The next decade is going to see a lot of youth players come into the team and we need a manager who can impose his identity without compromising on the style and ethos of the club. We need a leader, who is secure yet brave in the face of adversity.

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