Man City set to offer Bumper contract to Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva Transfer news

Despite signing a player like Erling Haaland, it was Bernardo Silva’s transfer saga that dominated last summer’s window. All of the fans were even calling out our transfer director for letting the situation go out of hand. The big roar that fans let out for Bernardo Silva against Newcastle tells you how much we love him round here. I know that it won’t be so easy. But, it is imperative that we tie Bernardo down to a new contract at all costs

Xavi is obsessed with Bernardo

These were the famous words of Fabrizio Romano. Fabrizio also pointed out Bernardo was the key subject of several top level Barcelona meetings last summer. This alone tells you how much Barcelona wanted to bring Bernardo Silva to Camp Nou. It is not at all a surprise that Xavi sees himself in Bernardo Silva. Bernardo is probably the most secure midfielder with the ball since the times of Xavi and David Silva.

Looking at how Barcelona were often caught high up the pitch against both Inter and Bayern, it is imperative that someone like Bernardo is needed to stabilize that midfield. An other very important thing is that Bernardo has shaped his career under the genius eyes of Pep Guardiola. In fact, Bernardo has become so good under Pep that he is one of the first players Pep calls upon in crisis situations. Just like how Gundogan was first brought in by Pep to help him implement the positional style of play, Xavi sees Bernardo as the launch pad to his coaching career.

City bosses determined to keep Bernardo

City bosses do not want a repeat of last season’s uncertainty in the transfer window. In fact, we have been very rarely uncertain when it comes to the operational part of the club. This season, the problem was that we did not know if Bernardo would surely leave or not. This means that we are in jeopardy whether to go for our other midfield targets or wait longer. As this saga dragged on till the last days of the window, there was genuine fear among fans that we might end up losing Bernardo without securing a good replacement.

In order to avoid all of this, City bosses are moving very swiftly and the news is that Bernardo already has a bumper contract placed on the table. Also, the City bosses look fairly confident that they will have priced Barcelona out of the move with this new contract for Bernardo Silva. Adding to all this, Barcelona’s financial state might just get even worse with them dropping down to the Europa League. All of these things surely indicate that City can be more confident with regards to retaining Bernardo Silva than last season

The landscape at Camp Nou has certainly changed since last season’s transfer spending spree. Right now, Barcelona are on the verge of going to Financial bust. I highly doubt that they can compete with the might of Manchester City and lure Bernardo Away.

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