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Best Center Back pairing for Man City 0

All our center backs are fit – What is the best combination?

I have never thought that i would ask this question anywhere in the near future. Only a week back, it seemed as if we were ever close to a defensive crisis. With Walker limping off against Villa and Pep stating that Laporte will take longer than expected, it seemed all doom and gloom. Add to all this, the amount of goals we were conceding, it was just a matter of...

Who will cover for the injyred Ruben Dias 0

How will the absence of Ruben Dias effect our title run in?

Everything against Newcastle was going so well until half time. We were leading 2-0 going into the break and it felt so much better after that demonic experience at Madrid. I was sitting there in the break and thinking about the character we have shown in the tie. It was a very soothing feeling at half time in what has been a pressure cooker in the last couple of months....