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Was selling Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal a good idea?

This question was bothering me to the core in the last few weeks. Let’s be honest, it would have bothered all of us in a much lesser way if Arsenal had not been challenging us for the title. In fact, there would be no debate on it if Arsenal were not in this commanding position. You will probably find that there is no straight answer to this question among our...

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Would you really start Gabby at right back against Real Madrid?

Who will start for City at Right back? This was the question ringing through yesterday’s press conference. Everyone is intrigued about how Pep will deal with this situation. Given the reputation of Pep, you would be a very brave man to bet against something unusual happening at the right back position. We know that all of Madrid’s planning throughout the week would have been targeted at exploiting the right back...

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Gabby shows the importance of a number 9!

Gabriel Jesus has not been in the best of form heading into this clash against Watford. In fact, i did not have him in my predicted line up before the game. It was surprising for me to see his name in the lineup, but i thought that Pep was resting players like Mahrez for the Madrid game. To put it all together, it was a game where most people had...