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Barca vs Man City talking points 0

Talking points – Barcelona vs Man City

Even though it was a friendly match, the tactical battle was intense between Xavi and Pep. The objective to create numerical advantage in the midfield was at the core of how both the teams were set up. I thought Barca played in an unusual shape and got the better of us early on. They were able to pass through us easily. But Pep adapted and we looked much more comfortable...

This man city is better than Pep's Barcelona 0

This City team can only be compared to Pep’s Barcelona

The amount of control this City team exhibits in a league known for its physical toughness, extreme competitveness and fixture congestion makes me think that we are even better than Pep’s Barca, which is considered as one of the greatest club teams ever. This statement might infuriate many Barca fans, but the more you think about it, the more you realize that this argument actually makes more sense than you...